Conference Thailand

Members of FABC Office for Clergy with Facilitators (from left) Fr. Zollner SJ, Dr. Dy-Liacco, Bishop Mylo Vergara (Philippines), Msgr. Oliver, Cardinal Kriengsak Kovitvanit (Bangkok), Bishop Reddy (India), Fr. Lazatin SDB, Mrs Pritchard (CAFOD)

The Cardinals and Bishops from 11 Asian countries concluded their three-days conference, organized by the by … Read more

Zol Thailand

From left: Fr. Zollner SJ, Cardinal Yeom (Seoul), Cardinal Gracias (Mumbai; FABC president), Cardinal Kriengsak Kovitvanit (Bangkok), Mons. Oliver, Dr. Dy-Liacco

Msgr. Oliver, Dr. Dy-Liacco and Fr. Zollner SJ address about 60 bishops and 10 priests from 11 Asian countries on safeguarding of minors in a conference organized by the … Read more